If you currently own land or property and are looking to understand its potential development value, then we may be able to help.

Whether you have garden space, unused commercial or residential property or large plots, we’d be interested to hear from you.

Downey Homes is an independent and professional property business specialising in the acquisition of underutilised land and properties for planning gain and residential development.

We work closely with owners to understand their motivation & objectives & strive to meet the expectations of everyone involved by optimising the planning & development potential of sites under consideration.

Here at Downey Homes, our directors have a combined 50 plus years’ experience in the management, financing and development of a range of small and large-scale property projects.

Professionally, founders Gill and Gordon Downey have worked on multi million pound residential and infra structure schemes.

Personally, they are portfolio landlords and experienced property investors having converted, refurbished or developed a range of properties and continue to manage a large portfolio of rented units.

Our vision is to source, acquire and unlock the profit potential of underutilised and unwanted sites by delivering high-quality and sought-after residential and mixed-use developments.

Collaborate closely with land and property owners

Maintain an open-mind and consider all viable projects, regardless of size

Utilise skills and knowledge gained in corporate, social and private investment

Work with a trusted network of experienced industry professionals

Operate with integrity and absolute transparency

We also offer property owners and private investors the opportunity to earn exceptional returns by funding part of one or more of our projects.
We offer a range of flexible loans – tailored to your needs.
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